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84 years of


Experience means handling routine business efficiently and professionally. 
Experience means being familiar with the unusual and recognizing when things are not right. 
Experience is the ability to identify deficiencies and correct problems quickly and effectively. 
Experience is the reason our clients have confidence and trust in us. 

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Bookkeeping Services


We are responsible for millions of dollars of funds for our client associations.  The individuals or companies handling your finances and your association funds should be insured and experienced.  We carry insurance for professional liability, errors and omissions, fidelity bond and crime coverage, workers compensation and employment practices liability and provide proof of insurance certificates to our client associations. 

We are involved with preparing dozens of condo association budgets every year, from an association as small 10 units with a budget of under $40,000 to larger associations with hundreds of units and annual budgets exceeding $4 million. 

Project Coordination


In the past ten years alone the principals at OPMC and Elite have served as advisors and project coordinators for over a dozen extraordinary projects with a combined worth of over $30 million for our condominium association clients.  These extraordinary projects include solving water infiltration issues, construction defect and structural failure, balcony rehabilitation, siding and cladding deterioration and replacement, roof replacement and second generation infrastructure asset replacement. 


When you run into unusual maintenance issues affecting your building and property, can you turn to someone who knows how to solve your problems?  We know what to do, or we know who to turn to that does



Most companies can handle the routine.  It’s how we handle the routine things that makes the difference.  We communicate with our clients.  We are accessible and available.  We handle your association cost-effectively and transparently so you have the information and understanding which gives you the confidence that your seashore condo association is in capable hands.

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