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We know the routine and repetitive assignments and obligations that arise throughout the course of a condominium year.

We will attend and participate in your Association meetings and board work sessions whether in person, by videoconference or telephone conference.  We can have a representative available to attend special meetings, conference calls and videoconferences as your board requires.  A few meetings per year are typically included in the services agreement, attendance at additional meetings can be arranged.


We can prepare correspondence on behalf of the Association including meeting notices, preparation of agendas and supporting information, meeting minutes.  We can distribute general Association correspondence. 


Are you aware that the recently enacted Radburn Regulations require anonymous ballots for election of condo board members?  We stay on top of changes to State rules and regulations affecting community associations.   

We know the New Jersey Condominium Act.  We understand the hierarchy and importance of association governing documents. 


Insurance is often the single largest expense in an association’s annual operating budget.  Your primary objective is NOT to save money but to protect the assets of the community with the best coverage money can buy, within reason.  Do you know how to identify the best agents to serve your association?  Do you know how to evaluate insurance proposals?  The way your buildings are constructed can affect your insurance coverage.  We direct you to the best agents to make sure your association has the appropriate insurance coverage to protect your buildings, your board members and your residents.


We coordinate annual renewal of Association insurance policies.  We also forward requests for proof-of-insurance (POI) certificates to the Association insurance agency.  We typically do not handle insurance claim administration involving property damage.  We can, but additional hourly fees will apply.


When you need a professional, we direct our clients to the right accountants, engineers and attorneys for the job.  Whether it’s a small accounting practitioner to prepare annual financial statements and tax returns for a small association at a good price; being able to identify the most appropriate law firm for pursuing collection of delinquent condo fees or knowing the engineers with the experience and background to deal with water infiltration, structural or mechanical issues, we know the professionals and firms serving condo associations and can give you options for finding the right professional for your specific needs.


We complete condominium questionnaires as requested.  We complete and issue resale documentation as requested.  An additional fee applies to resale documentation.


We provide broadcast email services and coordinate video-conference meetings.  We do not produce Association newsletters nor host or maintain Association websites or social-media activity.


We do not perform property maintenance services, but we work with many of the local reputable property maintenance service providers at our client associations.

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