Since 1992, we have provided additional contract and litigation related services to our clients including certifications, depositions, professional opinion, expert witness testimony and court-appointed receiverships.  We have guided associations through purchase of real and intellectual property and establishing development restrictions for future projects.  We have prepared adequacy budgets and streamline reserve schedules for inclusion in public offering statements. 

Major capital replacement, renovation, rehabilitation and deferred maintenance projects take up significant time and resources.  Planning, coordination and administration/bookkeeping for such projects require experienced and knowledgeable professionals to guide your Association. 


The principals at OPMC and Elite have served as advisors and project coordinators for dozens of extraordinary projects with combined cost of over $35 million and counting for our condominium association clients.  These extraordinary projects include solving water infiltration issues, structural failure, balcony rehabilitation, siding and cladding deterioration and replacement, roof replacement and second-generation infrastructure asset replacement.  


When you run into unusual, unique one-time and large-scale issues affecting your building and property, can you turn to someone who knows how to solve your problems?  We know what to do.  We know how to build the team of professionals to guide your Association.  We know the steps you must follow to ensure your project stays on budget, on schedule, and has the least amount of disruption for your owners.


We know how to resolve questionable expenses. We know how to research items and find support for the questionable payments. 


For one association, we discovered that unit owners were paying incorrect condo fees for the past ten years because the Association was not following the common interest allocation in their Master Deed.  We brought this to the attention of the board, determined the correct condo fee allocation for every condo unit in the entire association and offered advice on how to correct the errors in a fair, equitable and legal manner.   


We have good working relationships with municipal and government officials throughout the area at the local county and state levels.  We understand DEP and CAFRA rules and guidelines as they apply to the Southern New Jersey area. 


Have you had a bad experience with a local contractor or service provider?  We know many of the local tradesmen and understand the market for local contractors including property maintenance, pool service and management, plumbers, electricians, masons, landscapers and painters.  We also know which contractors may perform better than others depending on the complexity of a project and challenges faced to perform projects at the southern New Jersey shore. 


We have the unique experience and accessibility to help potential buyers compare and evaluate seashore condo associations.  We guide buyers to ask the right questions before the purchase.